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This page is just author's attempt to share "knowledge" about the things learned over the years in fields of using GNU/Linux operating systems.

You may find some of the stuff here funny, or miss interpreted or wrongly explained, however, for all compliants, there somewhere is compliant department, deep down on -10 floor.

Important, let's say Note: Author of these pages never had a teacher or mentor in any of these topics. So ALL of the stuff you find on these pages take with precusions and review of someone who can authorize you to use, experiment, test, or on any other way interact with the equipment you handling with. Author is not responsible for any unexpected results, and provided information on these pages as it is, are published here only for learning, testing and shrapening your shell skills purposes in some GNU/Linux or other enviroments you may find in various examples published over time on these pages. Again Author does not give any guaranties that provided code, oneliners, or anny other stuff will actually work on your environment, and actually will try to teach you what are these "things", in order for you to learn and understand how to do whatever you need to achieve in these topics of handling GNU/Linux machines.

Author hope some of you may find these pages somehow usefull.

Maybe some page with +001s will be published later.

Thank you a lot for coming on this web site, have a great time on it!

Yours sincerely,
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